Lessons with Emphasis on Music Education

For Young Children Learning Music for the First Time

A child’s hearing develops the most between the ages of 4 and 5. By having children listen, sing, and play music during this crucial time period, they can begin to study music effectively and comprehensively. CDs and videos are also used as teaching supplements so that students can review enjoyably at home.

Intermediate Piano Lessons

Developing Solid Piano Technique and Learning Repertoire

For elementary students and above, you will build up the foundation of piano playing and study various styles of repertoire. Focusing not only on technique but also musicality, we will aspire to play music even more expressively. We will explore a broad range of repertoire in terms of era and genre, such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, and more. Classes on music theory and ear training are also offered.

Advanced Piano Lessons

Pursuing New Challenges and Dreams

For intermediate and advanced students, there are numerous performance opportunities available. In addition to my annual student recital, there are opportunities to perform in the nearby community, international/national competitions and auditions, and at venues such as the Carnegie Hall in New York. Other than solo playing, you can gain experience playing in piano duets and other chamber music ensembles. Furthermore, for students striving for a music career, there is help and support provided for college admissions.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Whether you want to pick up piano lessons again, if you want to begin learning with your children, or if you want to refine your hobby of piano playing, there are as many different goals as there are music lovers. With lessons matched to your style and needs, you will be able to realize your dreams.

Photography by Masa Hokari