“Ms. Ariza teaches meticulously and enjoyably from the foundation of piano playing, with concepts ranging anywhere from posture and hand shape to the touch of the fingertips on the keyboard. Not only does she cover performance skills and practice methods, but also describes composers and their historical contexts, and relays this information in a way that can be easily understood to even a child. She has the ability to attract enthusiasm and interest about the musical world from her students. For instance, in my house, the amount of historical manga about composers has accumulated [laughing]. Though there are times when students become frustrated when they cannot play up to their expectations, I believe we are able to overcome those challenges because of Ms. Ariza’s exceptional guidance. Watching my daughter playing to her heart’s content during her lessons, I am always filled with gratitude to have met Ms. Ariza.” (from the M Family)

“My ten-year-old son and I are both taking piano lessons from Ms. Ariza. Her teaching incorporates details of the intellectual aspect of music making, as well as broadens the world every piece contains, both sensitively and passionately. I am constantly amazed at Ms. Ariza’s range and depth of musical knowledge. Every lesson is extremely meaningful and offers new ideas to learn. To children and adults, she teaches both the crucial essence of music and the beauty of the piano’s sound without compromise. Regardless of age or musical background, Ms. Ariza is able to not only able to teach us piano technique but to have us experience the amazing qualities of music. It is an honor that my son is able to study with a teacher like Ms. Ariza from a young age. My own love for piano has grown since my encounter with Ms. Ariza, and I am truly thankful.” (from the S Family)

“My children began piano lessons with Ms. Ariza. With her warm, enthusiastic teaching, both of them are continuously improving. In addition to her fabulous teaching of piano technique and musicality, she teaches the pleasure of music-making, how to approach the piano, and practice methods; for each step, she instructs her students with tremendous care. We are sincerely grateful for having started lessons with Ms. Ariza.” (from the K Family)

Photography by Masa Hokari